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When Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Won His Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio has been one of the biggest names in show business since he made his big debut as the star of Titanic, back in 1997. Some of his major roles in the past few years have been successful box office hits, such as Inception, Django, and The Great Gatsby. If you’d like to learn more about them, when you’re done using the internet for a cell phone lookup, you can search for DiCaprio’s filmography. There’s no doubt that DiCaprio has had a tremendously successful acting career. In addition, he received many awards for his films. But the one award and honor that eluded him the longest was an Academy Award.

However, DiCaprio wasn’t alone in his failure to bring home the biggest award in show business. Other prominent male actors in the same boat included Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and Johnny Depp. They’re all undoubtedly successful actors as well. Fortunately for DiCaprio, though, he finally won his Oscar in 2016.

Was Leo Simply “Too Cool” For The Oscars?

One theory, presented in an article by Vanity Fair in 2014, suggested that DiCaprio was simply too cool and made it hard for his audience to relate to him. And that’s why he didn’t win an Oscar. Vanity Fair compared Brad Pitt and Tom Hanks, presenting them as polar opposites in the acting world when it comes to coolness and relatability.

Apparently, DiCaprio has the same flair and charisma as Pitt, which kept them both from winning the award. Actors like Hanks, on the other hand, are easier for audiences to relate to. It’s easy to find information about them online, even without a cell phone lookup tool. Rather than an aura of mystery, these homebody actors seem like someone audience members (and those who give out Oscars) could just sit down and chat with. And so, that might be why they’ve brought home more awards. Tom Hanks has two Oscars for Best Actor.

DiCaprio Faced Great Competition

Some of Leonardo DiCaprio’s most successful films have been The Aviator, Blood Diamond, and The Wolf of Wall Street. These three wildly successful movies received a lot of praise. It’s possible to use a cell phone lookup and the internet to see just how many people liked them. In addition, DiCaprio even received Oscar nominations for his roles. However, during those years, other great films were up at the Academy Awards. They include Ray, The Last King of Scotland, and The Dallas Buyers Club. Ray Charles, Forrest Whitaker, and Matthew McConaughey all won Oscars for them. In 2016, DiCaprio’s biggest competition at the Oscars was Matt Damon for his work in The Martian.

The Time Finally Came

DiCaprio starred in The Revenant.
DiCaprio finally won an Oscar in 2016 for The Revenant.

Leonardo DiCaprio was nominated in February of 2016 for Best Actor in the film The Revenant. Both critics and audiences alike loved the film. Plus, DiCaprio won a Golden Globe for the movie, which was also nominated for Best Picture. While filming it, DiCaprio competed in axe-throwing competitions to increase his proficiency. And he even broke his vegetarianism by biting into a piece of raw cow’s liver. That’s dedication!

The Revenant famously used only natural light in filming. It was difficult, but it looked unique. In an interview with Men’s Journal, DiCaprio called The Revenant the toughest film he’s ever made. He even noted that, “Every day was a battle for myself and a lot of other people not to get hypothermia.” All the work he put into the film eventually won him an Oscar.

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