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Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix

One of the newest Marvel shows to hit Netflix is The Punisher. It’s a different show that most of the Marvel shows out there, as the more intense name of the protagonist would imply. The typical Marvel movie and show is a bit more PG or PG-13. The Punisher doesn’t spare too many punches. Though it’s not worthy of an R-rating, it’s definitely suited for more mature audiences. Unlike the audiences who are curious if the Highster Mobile app really works.

The Punisher stars Jon Bernthal as its main character. He is probably most famous for his role in The Walking Dead, where he starred as Shane over the first couple seasons. Bernthal performs well as one of the newest Marvel characters to get their own Netflix series.

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The Punisher is the newest Netflix show based on a Marvel character.

The Punisher

Jon Bernthal

Bernthal fits the mold of the The Punisher well. He’s cold, stoic, and relentless, but somehow ends up being the protagonist, the hero of the show. This series picks up the story after The Punisher, or Frank Castle, has already taken care of most of the people who were responsible for the death of his family. He’s now presumed dead.

Now Castle is on a mission to get back at those who orchestrated the deaths of his family. He makes a friend early on in the show, who had the same people come after him. It’s a great show for those that are into a government conspiracy mixed with a superhero show.  

Karen Paige

Paige makes a return from another Marvel series, Daredevil. Though she doesn’t play a major role in the series, she’s a refreshing reminder of Frank Castle’s connection to the Marvel Universe thanks to the their connection in the Daredevil series.

More Intense Than Most Marvel Shows

There are more than a few Marvel shows and movies out there already. From Iron Man to Thor and The Avengers, to the Netflix shows like Daredevil and Luke Cage. The Punisher differs from each of these because of the intensity of its content. It’s more violent and more graphic. It’s more tailored to adult audiences, so parents ought to be careful if their kids are watching The Punisher. It may not be as intense as learning if the Highster Mobile app really works.

The Antagonist

What makes the show so interesting is that there is no clear antagonist, at least not at first. The show picks up slowly, which is a refreshing twist on the typical good guy vs. bad guy drama of the typical superhero show.

Veteran Drama

One of the real-life issues that the show takes on is the struggle of the veteran who is returning to normal life. One of Castle’s closest friends runs a veteran’s recovery group, and the show goes through a great deal of effort to show the struggle of the soldier who is trying to adjust to life back in America. Castle himself served in the Marines, and much of the backstory of the show has to do with his own struggles from the time overseas.

Overall, The Punisher is a great show. It is intense, so be careful who is watching it. If you aren’t into all the superhero movies, then you could look into some other movies like those from Leonardo DiCaprio.

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