An iPhone spy app could have recorded Kanye's entire conversation with Taylor about his new song.

History Of The Feud Between Kanye And Taylor

For years, Kanye West and Taylor Swift have had an extremely rocky friendship, to say the least. To us outsiders, they were enemies, friends, and then enemies again. It all started nearly 10 years ago; how could we forget when Kanye infamously stole Taylor’s spotlight at the VMAs? Now, the feud was sparked again with a phone call, which probably should have been recorded with an iPhone spy app. This ultimately became the inspiration for the lead single for Taylor’s upcoming album. What led up to all of this?

The 2009 MTV VMAs

As we all know, Taylor rightfully won the award for best female video with “You Belong With Me.” She was about to give her acceptance speech when Kanye took her mic and insisted that Beyoncé had the best video of all time. Over the next few days, Kanye apologized on national television and to Taylor personally. They both released songs with lyrics hinting at how they felt about the incident within the year. But, for the next few years, they seemed to be on decent terms.

The Friendship

From what we could all see, Kanye and Taylor’s genuine friendship was short-lived. In 2015, they publicly appeared at events and happily took photos together. And, at the MTV VMAs that year, Taylor even referenced Kanye’s famous “I’mma let you finish” line. To me, it looked like they both moved on from the mess that happened in 2009.

The Feud Begins Again

How wrong I was. Last year, Kanye called Taylor to talk about his newest single, “Famous.” He wanted her approval because he included her name in the lyrics. It’s hard to tell exactly how the conversation went. Without an iPhone spy app, there was no way to hear the entirety of the conversation. While Kim Kardashian uploaded the phone call between Taylor and Kanye, it seems like there might be gaps in what was said. Taylor claimed that Kanye never mentioned the actual offensive line he included in his song. To retaliate, Taylor came out with “Look What You Made Me Do.” The song’s lyrics and video called out Kanye, Kim, and even the media’s response to the feud.

Right now, Kanye and Kim don’t care about Taylor’s newest hit and simply want to move past from their feud. We’ll just have to see what happens next; we might be in for a surprise. Want to read about more celebrity feuds and scandals? Check out the article I posted last month.

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