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Best Shows for Netflix Watching

The Best Shows on Netflix


Netflix watching is quickly becoming a common weekday and weekend activity. Being able to watch your favorite TV shows without commercials is pulling people away from cable TV. Even though this is bad for cable, it is very good for us. Since many people watch Netflix alone, I found this funny article about making new friends without leaving your house. This generation loves its technology which is shown with this years statistic. Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming applications with 125 million users. The app can be downloaded on their TV, their phone, their tablet, and their Xbox. This makes for an easy streaming experience for any age.

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Popcorn for Netflix watching

Grab your popcorn or other favorite snack since I will be discussing my favorite TV shows on Netflix. My mom recently started watching Netflix and even made her own profile. Her and my grandma loved The Crown. The two of them watched 7 episodes in one day! If you haven’t been Netflix watching before, it is quite an experience without those annoying commercials. Not to mention you can watch your episodes in nearly half the time. 

The Office

For those that want to watch something lighthearted, The Office is a magnificent choice. Believe it or not, there are still tons of people out there that have yet to see The Office. I only discovered this show in the last two years. The show revolves around a group of diverse individuals that struggle to work together at an office. They are always pulling pranks on each other like spying on each others text messages which makes for exciting TV. 

The Crown

For those that don’t mind a drama, The Crown is a great choice. Especially for those who love historical dramas. Netflix has entire categories just for that topic. Admittedly, I’ve only sat through one full episode (the one about Winston Churchill and his portrait) but I know plenty of people that absolutely love the show. If someone is looking for a political drama with English history and culture, they would love The Crown.  

Grey’s Anatomy

One of the longest running shows on Netflix is Grey’s Anatomy. Amazingly the show is still on the air, I believe its 14th season is on TV now. However, you can catch up starting from season 1 on Netflix. Based on the name, you can tell this is a medical drama. Even though there is frequent medical talk, the constant drama between the doctors keeps it interesting. This probably isn’t a realistic depiction of what occurs in a hospital, but it’s very entertaining. 

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The Last Kingdom

This is another amazing show on Netflix. The Last Kingdom takes place in Great Britain, similarly to The Crown. The show takes place when the Vikings invaded the Saxons, who were ruling England at the time. It’s a remarkable story of a Saxon boy who was raised by Vikings and must fight to discover his place in the world after the death of his parents. While this is not my favorite show on this list, it is well-regarded among TV critics. 


Jason Momoa stars in this one, which takes place in Colonial America during the thriving fur trade. Momoa stars as a former member of the East India Company, a British company, who has gone rogue and started his own business. After a member of the East India Company had his family tortured and killed he gets revenge. It’s a gruesome show and isn’t appropriate for the whole family, but it is great for those wanting something epic.

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Well there you have it, those are my top 5 shows on Netflix. Another honorable mention is Marvel’s The Punisher, I recently wrote an article on that. There are obviously more options, depending on the genre that you are looking for. Whether it’s a comedy, an action film, or a TV series, there is always something to watch on Netflix!

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