Josephine V. Block

A photo of me on a rare day off.
A photo of me on a calm, spring day.

Hey! Welcome to Castle of the Sea. I hope it’s a great source of entertainment and information for you. My name is Josephine. I’m a 21-year-old girl who’s attending university (majoring in sociology!) and blogging on the side. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been interested in the lives of the rich and famous. From the breakup of Justin and Britney to Brad and Angelina’s recent split, celebrity gossip has always been one of my favorite things to talk about. I was born and raised in Seattle, and even though it’s a long way off from Hollywood, living in a big city has helped me learn more about the lives of other people.

Why Did I Start Castle of the Sea?

Growing up, my favorite movie was “The Little Mermaid.” I could relate to how Ariel wanted nothing more than to be part of the world above the surface. That’s how I felt being so far away from the celebrities I loved and admired so much. Even though she was a princess and lived in a luxurious, underwater castle, she wanted to learn more about those who had a different lifestyle from her. “Castle of the Sea” symbolizes my love of celebrity gossip, watching from the sidelines in Seattle. I’ll never be part of the world of celebrities, but I can still appreciate it.

What You’ll Find Here

I’m planning on covering all aspects of celebrity gossip. That includes everything from scandals and breakups to new relationships and births. And by celebrity, I mean actors, musicians, TV personalities, and other prominent individuals in pop culture today. But, we’ll see what happens. Celebrity news moves at an extremely fast pace, so who knows what will happen in a month, week, or even a day? I hope you’ll take this ride with me and find out!